It's been good to know you!

An extended version of this article appeared in InTouch magazine October 2003.

As I write this in early September 2003, the planet Uranus is in the first degree of the sign of Pisces, the same degree it occupied back in March this year. This is not a particularly regular occurrence - the last time Uranus ingressed into Pisces after leaving Aquarius was 84 years ago in April 1919.

Planetary transits reflect conditions on earth and can be read on many levels - not only personal, but also national and global. To get a feel for what issues are likely to arise or be of concern when a planet ingresses into a new sign - particularly one of the outer planets such as Uranus - one needs only to watch the headlines of the daily newspapers. Here are several examples ...

I have before me The New Zealand Herald dated 4th September 2003. On the front page the headlines tell us of the latest invention - a Kiwi car that runs on water - the realisation of seven years' intensive design work.

I see this as a wonderful example of Uranus in Aquarius moving into Pisces. Uranus reflects all that is new, original, and inventive. Uranus is the latest technology, the latest gimmick, the latest craze. While travelling through the air sign Aquarius territory it deals with matters of the mind. In Pisces the sign of the fishes, its territory is water - the rivers, lakes and sea.

So for the past seven years - exactly the transit of Uranus through Aquarius - the inventors have been hard at work. With its entry into Pisces, the time had come to launch the invention - behold the car that runs on water! It is interesting to note that together with Uranus, the planet Mars which rules motors and machinery, is also in the early degrees of Pisces.

Another invention (Uranus) with a watery theme (Pisces) - though this time a re-invention - an umbrella that keeps the water off us as well as one that stays up in fierce winds. (NZ Herald, 5/9/03).

One example of the downside of Uranus in Pisces is shown on page 2 with the Herald's continued investigation into the toxic threat to some of New Zealand's magnificent lakes. This of course is a major concern for our planet as a whole, not only New Zealand.

We're also told of the latest craze to hit our movie screens - in Finding Nemo we are introduced to a rather bizarre computer-animated (Uranus) film featuring - fish (Pisces)!

I'm sure you will recognise many other examples, both globally and nationally, of how Uranus will express its essential nature as it enters the sign of Pisces. The current foreshore and seabed debate is one that springs to mind.

But what of the personal? While at this point astrologers look forward to what Uranus transiting Pisces might mean, I'd like to look back over Uranus' 7-year transit of Aquarius, and in particular the last two degrees of this sign. For these last two degrees are the same degrees being retraced for the second and third time over the next three months until end December. It's like Uranus is giving us one last chance to complete any unfinished business before pushing the boundaries of a new order.

Everyone has the sign of Aquarius somewhere in their birth chart or horoscope and the times when Uranus most makes its presence felt is when it either passes over any planet placed in that area of the chart, or aspects a planet at the same degree elsewhere in the chart. Expect the unexpected with Uranus contacts - disruption, change; sudden shocks or upsets; issues concerning dependence vs independence; need for freedom of thought and action.

Those of us born with the Sun in the last degrees of Aquarius (18th and 19th February birthdays) will be significantly tuned in to these energies as Uranus connects to the heart of our chart. Many Aquarians have experienced an 'identity crisis', circumstances forcing them to see themselves in an entirely new light and learning how to adapt to their new image or how they make their mark on the world about them.

Have we fought against these changes, have our lives been disrupted and blown apart; or has change been sought, welcomed, taken on board easily; have new and exciting opportunities arisen? Uranus changes can be totally empowering on many levels as we peel off the old ways and invite the new and unique and different into our lives.

Whichever way it has worked for you, I trust you've emerged all the stronger for it. And if you feel it's worked against you, you have another wonderful chance, as Uranus retraces its step through the last degrees of Aquarius, to turn it around in your favour.

As the new year rolls over into 2004, Uranus leaves the cerebral realm of the Aquarian and sails into the more emotionally charged waters of Pisces.

I'd like to welcome Uranus in Pisces to our world. And farewell Uranus in Aquarius - it's been good to know you.

By Carol Squires, PMAFA, DTASNZ.

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