The Astrology Manual of Chart Calculations written by Carol Squires, PMAFA, DTASNZ

Picutre of the manual cover pageA manual and workbook all in one! Learn how to accurately calculate a birth chart for any time, date and place on earth.

Written to the examination standard of the Astrological Society of New Zealand, the manual contains over 120-A4 pages, spiral bound.

The lessons are easy to read with lots of diagrams, clear explanations and exercises to follow. At the end of each lesson is a review exercise, together with answers (aka cheat sheets!) in the appendix; reference tables, chart forms and calculation worksheets, as well as summer time/daylight savings time change information for New Zealand and Australia.

The author, Carol Squires, is a professional astrologer of over 30 years experience teaching astrology. This manual has been written in response to her class students' need for a calculations manual and is adapted from Carol's Astrology by Correspondence home-study course which has been operating since 1983.

Whether you are a student or a teacher of astrology looking for a clear text and calculation guidelines, The Astrology Manual of Chart Calculations will become your most valuable resource. Order now!

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