About AFI

As a past committee member and Editor of the AFI New Zealand Journal of Astrology, I continue to work closely with AFI.

I thoroughly recommend AFI as a supportive and inspirational group to belong to and work with!

The Astrology Foundation Inc is a non-profit friendly society providing a stimulating environment for those with an interest in Astrology.

It was spontaneously conceived at 11.47 am NZDT in Auckland on 7 November 1983 by Owen Redwood Avis, Mark Griffin and Hamish Saunders of Astrology House.

On 24 December 1984 it was granted legal incorporation. The inaugural meeting of the AFI took place at 7.30 pm on 14 August 1984 in Auckland.


AFI Monthly meetings

AFI Meetings are held on the first Sunday of the month* from 7.00 - 9.00 pm Lectures start 7.30 pm.

Meetings are held in the Northcote Point Senior Citizens Assn Clubrooms, 119 Queen Street, Northcote Point, Auckland.

*Please note: when AFI meetings fall on a public holiday (eg Waitangi Day 6th February & Queen’s Birthday weekend, 1st Sunday in June) the AFI meeting is held on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

AFI members admitted free of charge.
Non-members pay door fee of $10.00.

For up to date information on subscription rates, meetings and events, monthly newsletter, New Zealand Journal of Astrology, contacts and links, visit the AFI website http://www.astrologyfoundation.co.nz

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