photo of Carol SquiresAstrology is my passion and this website is my means of sharing this passion with you.

I am a professional astrologer with over 40 years' experience consulting, teaching, writing and lecturing. In 1983 with the encouragement of my teachers Donn and Leone Forrest; I wrote my Astrology by Correspondence Beginners course material. Intermediate and Advanced levels were soon added and all lessons are constantly revised and updated to reflect the students' questions and needs. With the students' ongoing enthusiasm and desire to learn more, the first three lessons of an Advanced 2 level is well into the development stage.

Teaching also sees me in the class room and I love to walk into class on the first day to see a crowd of eager faces in front of me, all with their various reasons for being there. Some just plain curious, others wanting to know more about their sun-signs. My greatest satisfaction is in opening up a universe that holds far, far, more than just sun-signs and teach them the language of astrology, how to read the messages written in the stars.

On a more earthly plane, I am aware that with all professions or trades, one needs the necessary qualifications to practise his or her art. I am a Diploma Teacher Member of the Astrological Society of New Zealand (DTASNZ). In 1995 I qualified for professional membership of the American Federation of Astrologers (PMAFA).

I am a past president of the Astrological Society of New Zealand (ASNZ), former editor of its Journal of the Seasons, and served for many years on the ASNZ Examination board.  In October 2001 I was elected a Council member of the Astrology Foundation Inc (AFI) and from 2004-2012 took on the role of Editor of the New Zealand Journal of Astrology - a role I thoroughly enjoyed. Speaking engagements have seen me in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, as well as giving talks to local groups.

As well as having many astrological articles published over the years, I edited the Handbook of Celtic Astrology (written by Helena Paterson and published by Llewellyns in 1996) and authored The Astrology Manual of Chart Calculations (published in 2000). Upcoming titles include The Astrology Manual of Chart Interpretation and Chiron Stories.

            "Astrology is a study of Life and a lifetime study"

Carol Squires

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