Do you read your 'stars' and horoscopes in the daily newspaper and ask yourself 'There's got to be more to astrology than this' — the good news is that there is!

But where to start. If you're serious, then it's back to basics. Back to the ancients searching the heavens for the messages written in the stars; back to understanding the corresponding positions of the stars in relation to the time and place of birth. Back to appreciating astrology as being a timeless wonder. As is life.

My Astrology by Correspondence home study courses are all about going back to basics, about creating a solid foundation on which to build your ongoing appreciation of this vast subject.

My newly updated Introductory course is designed in such a way that while you will learn the technical aspects of creating a natal chart (birth chart or horoscope) for the time, day, month and year for any place on earth, you will no longer need to do any actual calculations.

During the course you will have the opportunity to work with your own natal chart!  You will discover how that birth chart highlights your unique individuality, distinct from every one else who shares the same 'star' sign.

As a beginner student, you will explore the symbolic astrological language of the Stars: the Sun, Moon and Planets of the solar system, the Signs of the Zodiac, and the relationship between them.

And then when you've successfully completed the first ten lessons of the Beginner's Course, you will be invited to continue with the Intermediate, and then the Advanced courses - that's the exciting thing about astrology - once the celestial gateway is opened there is no end to where it will lead you. 

Enrol now and discover a whole new world of Astrology!

All three levels of study are very reasonably priced at NZ$320 for each course of 10 lessons.  You have the choice of receiving the lessons either by email or by post (extra postal charges apply).

I invite you to walk through the stars with me. Welcome to my world of astrology!

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