Walk along the beach - Living Astrology

One of the most enjoyable times of my day is spent each morning walking along Milford Beach on Auckland's North Shore.

As a person who spends the majority of her day either in front of a computer or in the consulting or class room, walking was one of the more pleasant ways I could think of to provide my body with exercise. And to start with, it was just that - exercise: a way to prepare myself for the day ahead, to clear my mind and focus on the tasks ahead, to centre and ground myself, and to tune into the sounds of nature along the way.

However, my daily ritual soon became more than that. I became aware of my connection with the Sun and the Moon and the universe, that years poring over books and charts and my ephemeris* did not provide.

I had been aware of course that the relationship between the Sun and the Moon was somehow connected to the tides, but then I found myself actually being part of that process.

Walking as I did early morning found me becoming aware of how the sun's position over the horizon varied from day to day, from month to month and season to season. While I usually checked the morning newspapers for the tide information (high tide meant that I wouldn't be able to get around the rocks, I would need to detour) I soon became aware that these high tides correspond to New or Full Moon around sunrise which was around the time of my walk.

I soon found myself connecting on a level I found to be exciting. I was actually experiencing the changing connection between the sun, the moon, and the earth - feeling how the energies shift from new moon, to first quarter, to full moon, third quarter and then that 'dark of the moon' phase just before the birth of a new cycle. It was not long before I realised I no longer needed to check the daily tide information in the newspaper, I was now tuning in to the changing tides by being aware of the changing pattern of the monthly lunar phases.

This brought me to consider what was happening on not only a personal level but how it might be viewed on a wider, more global level. It also brought aspects of astrology together that had hitherto I had not experienced.

As women, our monthly cycles are part and parcel of what constitutes being female. With the advent of 'the pill' and hormone replacements (to mention just two issues I can personally identify with), our natural monthly cycles can be altered, stopped, deviated, whatever, to suit our changing needs, circumstances, life styles, or whatever.

By using these alternative methods, we are interfering with our natural cycles — could this be part of the severe stresses that so many people, not only women, are experiencing in our so called 'enlightened' times? Are we becoming so intent on adapting our bodies to fit in with our busy lives that we are losing being in touch with our bodies?

Since time began, the phases of the moon have regulated the lives of our ancestors. They planted, harvested, fished and navigated by their knowledge and understanding of the changing patterns in the sky; women's monthly and fertility cycles were closely aligned to the new and full moon phases.

To interfere with these natural rhythms is to interfere with mother nature herself; mother nature lets us know in the only way she can - she sends stress into our lives as signals to change.

By becoming tuned in to the wonders of the simple connection between the sun and moon, made me appreciate my womanhood and my body as I had never before done. As an Aquarian who has always lived in her head, my body had somehow just gone along for the ride. Now I was appreciating why I had been experiencing the stresses I had. I was also becoming more and more aware of the need to show my body a little more respect — after all it had served me well for many years.

Now like the mother the Moon represents, I had to nurture it a little and pay attention to its needs, to understand the hormonal changes I was experiencing were part and parcel of the natural cycle, part of the Plan laid down by Mother Nature — and my goodness, who I was I to interfere with that!

In closing, for those who may be feeling a little out of sync, stressed out, or just plain exhausted by the quickening pace of life, the best remedy I can think of is as simple as walk along the beach.

Earth, sea and sky — and you. In perfect harmony.

© Carol Squires

*an ephemeris is an almanac listing the daily positions of the Sun, Moon and the planets through the zodiac. It is the one tool that astrologers can not be without!